Get Local with your Internet Marketing

Many service and retail businesses focus on their local geographies in their marketing. Some of them have felt that Internet Marketing was really for companies that were bigger or that wanted to reach a wider market. And, in the earlier days of the web this was probably a fair assessment. Today, however, consumers are doing more and more of their searching for service providers on the web - especially for local services.

Positioning: How are you different? And why does that matter?

Your position in the marketplace is the perception that your customers and/or prospects have about your company and services. Ideally, they will believe that you are different from the competition in some way — actually, ideally, they will believe that you are different from the competition in a good way that matters to them. Your job as a marketer is to communicate your position to your clientele so that they understand the reason to buy your stuff instead of someone else’s stuff.

CraigsList Tips offers a great, inexpensive way for skilled tradespeople and other service providers (like Web developers) who focus on a more local market to advertise their services. There are several benefits to posting on CraigsList.

Targeting & Positioning

I find myself walking through some marketing basics with our clients time and time again. The first question I usually ask is “Who is your target customer?” The answer I often get is some variation of “anyone who wants my stuff.” The problem with that answer, is that it becomes very difficult to position your goods and services in a unique way if you’re going for the lowest common denominator. As counter-intuitive as it might seem, limiting your target market (within reason of course) is often a first-step to successfully marketing your st

Marketing Management by Kotler & Keller

I’m teaching Marketing Management this semester at Mills College. I use Marketing Management by Kotler & Keller as it does a good job of covering a wide range of marketing concepts.

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