2020 Hosting Plans and Payment

Thanks for hosting your website with PagePoint!

We pride ourselves in providing reliable state-of-the-art website hosting services, and personal and user-friendly support.  Thank you for trusting us with your website in the past.  We look forward to serving you in the future!  (What is website hosting?)

As of 2020, we have two hosting plans: Standard Hosting, which is standard, reliable, website hosting; and Worry-Free WordPress Hosting, which offers you specially-tuned hosting, automatic updates and support for WordPress sites.

If you have received an invoice for one of these services already, you can simply pay that invoice with a check, request we send you a Square invoice, or if you wish, you can click a button below to use your PayPal account or any major debit or credit card to pay immediately.  (If you pay via PayPal, you’ll receive a PayPal notification of payment immediately. If you paid with PayPal – without having received an invoice from us first – we’ll send an invoice marked as “paid” for your records within five business days.)  If you wish to pay through another means, like Venmo, etc., please email us at Aaron@PagePoint.com, or complete our contact form.

Past Legacy Hosting customers, please note: We no longer offer Legacy Hosting.  Once you purchase a year of Standard Hosting, we’ll migrate your website to our newer server at no extra cost to you.

To guarantee uninterrupted hosting service, please pay for invoice before the end of the year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 510-558-1534, email us at Aaron@PagePoint.com, or complete our contact form.

Standard Hosting
$275 / year

  • SSL Certificate to Secure Your Website*
  • 12 Months of Website Hosting
  • State-of-the-Art Webserver
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Nightly Backups
  • Professional and User-friendly PagePoint Support
  • You are responsible for updating WordPress core and plugins**

Worry-Free WordPress Hosting
$600 / year

  • All the features of Standard Hosting, plus much more!
  • Our server is tuned specifically for WordPress
  • WordPress core and plugins will be automatically updated**
  • Better security measures to protect your site
  • Daily backups stored for the past 30 days

* SSL Certificates and Secure websites

In response to changes in Google search results algorithms and changes in the Google Chrome browser, we provide all of our hosting clients with a secure (SSL) certificate for the websites.

The key changes by Google in 2018 involved:

  • Google’s search algorithms giving less preference to a standard “http” website and more preference to a more secure “https” website. Websites with secure certificates should therefore show up higher in the search results.
  • Google’s Chrome web browser indicating any standard “http” site as “Not Secure”. This might cause some website visitors to be concerned or alarmed, and leave your site quickly.

If your website is purely informational (just text and images) and not transactional (no contact or other forms), there are no real security risks to remaining with “http”, but there are still Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) risks.

For example, the page you are currently on is using the “https://” protocol and is deemed secure as indicated by a closed padlock.
Example of https://

If you are unsure if you are already using our Standard Hosting, please visit your website and look for the padlock and https:// in front of your domain name. If your site is secure, it means you are using our Standard Hosting.  If you see http:// (no ‘s’), then you are still using our Legacy Hosting. (We do not offer that hosting plan for 2020 and beyond.  We will upgrade you to our Standard Hosting upon payment.)

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 510-558-1534, email us at Aaron@PagePoint.com, or complete our contact form.

** WordPress Core and Plugin Updating

WordPress is free software that has been developed by a community of programmers and usability experts. With each new release, the programmers fix bugs, add new features, improve performance, and enhance existing features to stay up-to-date with new industry standards.  When you do not update your WordPress site, you are risking your website security and missing out on new features / improvements.  This concept applies to the main WordPress (“core”) software and your plugins.  Plugins you already have installed may need updates to work properly with a newer core version, and/or have security vulnerabilities of their own.

It is good practice to keep your WordPress core and plugins always up-to-date.  And, before doing these updates, it is best practice to make a backup of your site.  You can add software to your WordPress site to perform on-demand or timed backups.  You can do the site updates by clicking the various “Update” buttons that WordPress provides you.  If you use our Worry-Free WordPress Hosting plan, we do all of the legwork for you.  We backup your site nightly and we update and test your core and plugin updates to be sure your site continues to operate properly after the update.

Interested in more information?  Check out this article from wpbeginner.com.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 510-558-1534, email us at Aaron@PagePoint.com, or complete our contact form.