Compare and Contrast works for Keywords & Content too

My 6th grade daughter said she had to write a compare & contrast essay this week.  I usually think about positioning as the contrast part of this process- how are your products or services different from your competitors?

To HTML or not to HTML?

That is the question when it comes to Email Marketing.  Perhaps more specifically, it should be “To add images or not to add images?”

Email clients these days often require a confirmation from the reader to download the images so using images in an email campaign or newsletter is not always a guarantee that the reader will see your pretty (and more time-consuming) communication.

Good Flash Gone Bad

One of the key aspects of Internet Marketing is deciding which technologies will help with your marketing efforts and which will hurt.   We have a few people here who are proficient with Flash and so we are often looking for ways we can use it to enhance usability.   It seems like when we think through what we’re trying to accomplish, we often end up NOT using it as it will detract from the functionality of the site.