Facebook LIKE! Add it to your site

Facebook is now the most visited website (overtaking Google about a month or so ago). And now, you don't even need to visit the Facebook site to 'like' something or to have your site visitors 'like (or recommend)' you. About two weeks ago, Facebook offered a plugin so that you can like something directly from another website and it shows up as a status update on your Facebook page plus shows up on the site that you just liked.

You may have noticed the "like" option on websites (we have it on this site on our home page if you want to see it). To implement it is very quick and easy. Facebook has a tool to build the HTML that you need to include on your website and you can find it here: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like

One caveat about this. It is very new and some people are concerned about the privacy implications. Right now, most people have privacy set up so that friends can see if they like something but nobody else can see it. Some people are changing their settings so that not even their friends will see when they 'like' something. While I think that many of the privacy concerns are legitimate, I also think it's probably too late: Resistance is futile.