Don’t forget your sig line

It is a simple thing to do … but so many people don’t do it.  They don’t make use of the sig line — also known as the Signature Line (or lines) — that is built into most email programs.

It’s important to continually convey your marketing messaging, and the signature line is an easy and cheap way to remind people of what you do and why they should consider your company versus any other company.

A few quick how-to steps:

For Microsoft Outlook:

Go to Tools/Options/Mail Format and then choose Signatures.   Just type in what you want it to say (and test it once to make sure it looks good!)

For Gmail:

Go to Settings and edit the Signature.

Feel free to submit comments to this post with how-to information for creating sig lines using other email programs.

Of course, the next question is what to write in your sig line.  As I think about mine, it’s feeling a bit boring, though I do think you can get a quick idea of what we offer:

Lisa Cain, PhD

PagePoint Web Solutions
Business Solutions. Custom Design. Quick & Clean Web Sites.

I’m open to your suggestions on ways to make it better!