Good Flash Gone Bad

One of the key aspects of Internet Marketing is deciding which technologies will help with your marketing efforts and which will hurt.   We have a few people here who are proficient with Flash and so we are often looking for ways we can use it to enhance usability.   It seems like when we think through what we’re trying to accomplish, we often end up NOT using it as it will detract from the functionality of the site.

I find that there are lots of sites out there that use Flash gratuitiously and sometimes they are close to having a site that would be better with Flash… but isn’t.  For example..

So, the good news about this site is that it’s pretty and interesting to look at. The bad news is that the nav icons are so poorly underutilized and to get to any content you have to click at least twice. The relationship between the icon symbol itself and the topic is non-existent. Flash would have allowed for easy access to the sub-navigation without even one click… but instead, you have to click on the main nav and then click on the sub-nav way down at the bottom of the page. This is a case where creating the site in Flash could have enhanced the usability but instead… it’s Good Flash Gone Bad.