Twitter, It’s not just for breakfast anymore

Its been an exciting week for me starting work at PagePoint. Lots of fun web stuff and social media marketing projects. The social web has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for my marketing career and I was quite happy to be joining a company that is working with clients embracing the potential of social media, but I was surprised to learn that many clients are still resisting Twitter. while embracing Facebook.

The perception in these clients minds is that everyone on Twitter is talking about what they had for breakfast. Though to some foodies, that actually might be interesting, Twitter is so much more! Twitter is open and its simplicity has allowed for amazing flexibility. While its open, you have control over who you follow and who follows you, so if someone is flooding your stream with tales of bland oatmeal, well you simply “unfollow” or block them. You can also post public messages or send a private direct message.

This is not to say, that food and Twitter don’t go together. The explosion of gourmet food carts who tweet locations and menus is abundant, but trust me, you probably want to know if you are going to be near @cremebruleecart, because that is no soggy cheerios he is serving up. You also have the option of never seeing a food related tweet, and follow news, thought leaders, celebrities, or just plain old smart people. Posts include links to valuable articles and resources, events, commentary on events and yes, sometimes just fun conversations. It is easy to connect with people and promote your business, ideas or opinions and find other like-minded folks, so why not try the free buffet?