EmpowerNet California

EmpowerNet California is a collaboration of six community-based organizations (CBOs) leading the way in IT workforce development in California. Funded by CETF, EmpowerNet California's mission is to leverage their success so that other CBOs throughout California can also enhance their IT workforce development offerings.

The EmpowernetCalifornia.org site provides a free membership community that can access a range of program toolkits along with snapshots of effective implementations. EmpowerNet California collaborators like Stride Center and San Francisco Goodwill have provided curriculum, marketing materials, how-to guides and more to jump-start IT workforce development programs for site visitors.

PagePoint customized the Drupal CMS to allow for multiple types of users, different types of content, discussion forums and more. The custom design also included creating intuitive ways to filter the toolkits by category.

"Pagepoint helped us strategize, plan, and execute on our web objectives. Great communicators, a deep understanding of marketing, and dynamite customer service."
—Luke Kreinberg