• Aaron Gobler

    Mr. Gobler has been working with computers since 1976, when he was in the Sixth Grade. A computer geek by all accounts, Mr. Gobler has 30 years of professional programming experience; the past 20 years focused on Internet technologies including website application development. Before becoming an entrepreneur, his most recent positions were at two financial services firms: The Vanguard Group and Robertson Stephens. In addition to his programming background, he's developed an excellent sense of website design aesthetics and usability.

    Aaron holds a BS in Computer Science from Hofstra University.

    Email Aaron at

  • Lisa Cain

    I have both practical and academic marketing experience.

    I have a Ph.D. in Marketing from the Wharton School, a Bachelor's of Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware, an MBA from the University of Delaware, and a Master's of Marketing from Wharton. And, this list will not grow anymore!

    I am currently less active in the web development side of the business as I launched in 2010. I still provide marketing consulting though now it extends beyond a web focus into other channels as well. Call me or email me if you need to get your marketing on track: 510.517.1935.