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Our Approach

PagePoint approaches Web design and development from the perspective of the Website visitor. Your customers’ perception of your organization can be positively or negatively affected by their experience with your Website.

We focus on helping you achieve your objectives for your Website, whether that is to get new customers, build credibility, offer e-commerce, or show off your portfolio. Our broad range of services include:

Secure Website Hosting

Your customers are on the Web at all hours of the day. Your website needs to be available all the time. PagePoint provides fast and reliable website hosting on state-of-the-art webservers we manage remotely. We don’t advertise our hosting services; they are primarily offered to our existing business customers, and clients referred to us by those customers.

If you are interested, please review our hosting plans for 2023.

Data Migration

PagePoint can bring over data you have in/from other systems, so that your WordPress site can function with that information.  Often this process can be done without copying-and-pasting text, images, etc.; it can be done more efficiently and error-free using a computer program.

Data Integration

PagePoint can develop web-based access to your current database(s), or build a custom database to help you with your business process management. Many web applications benefit from database integration, which offers robust scalability.

Many of our custom sites — and all of our business process web applications — utilize database integration. We leverage our design and process analysis skills to create a database architecture that can grow with your business, and will allow you to adapt your site and/or application as your needs change.

WordPress Plugin Programming

WordPress plugins provide additional functionality to a standard WordPress site. Any WordPress site will likely have a handful of plugins installed; some sites have dozens. If you have a website need or objective that cannot be addressed by a plugin that is already available on the market, we can write one for you.