Reach Your Audience. Get Results.

PagePoint approaches Web design and development from the perspective of the Website visitor. Your customers' perception of your organization can be positively or negatively affected by their experience with your Website.

We focus on helping you achieve your objectives for your Website, whether that is to get new customers, build credibility, offer e-commerce, or show off your portfolio. Our broad range of services include:

  • Database Integration
  • Design and Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • Website Management

DataBase Integration

PagePoint can develop Web-based access to your current database(s), or build a custom database to help you with your business process management. Many Web applications benefit from database integration, which offers robust scalability.

Many of our custom sites — and all of our business process Web applications — utilize database integration. We leverage our design and process analysis skills to create a database architecture that can grow with your busines, and will allow you to adapt your site and/or application as your needs change.

Examples include:

  • Customized online forms and surveys
  • Development with both Open Source and proprietary software such as the Drupal CMS or Wordpress

Design and Development

Many clients come to us with a desire to create a Website that represents how they see their business. An effective Website is built with the visitor in mind. The first step of our design and development process is to figure out how best to present the most critical information in a concise fashion, and make clear to the visitor what you want them to do when they visit the site (e.g., buy something, review a portfolio or read testimonials.) Our design and development services include:

  • Look-and-feel development
  • Usability audits and reviews, including process flow analysis
  • Content development
  • Flash development and integration
  • Site build-out with current technology (HTML, CSS, PHP, DHTML, etc.)
  • Easy scalability and maintenance using Open Source content management systems such as Drupal and Wordpress

Internet Marketing

Having the most beautiful Website in the world doesn't matter if only your family can find it. Let us work with you to target your customer base, reach out to them in a multitude of ways, and pull them to you with a compelling message. Leverage our expertise and understanding of how search engines actually index your site, how simple punctuation can make a world of difference, and why you should never require a Website visitor — and potential client! — to have to click to enter your site.

Our Internet Marketing focus includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google and Yahoo Ad Campaigns
  • Local Directory Submission
  • Client Email Marketing

Web Site Management

How many times would you return to a Website that was never updated? Keep your message fresh and timely, and keep your information current by having PagePoint manage your site. We can update your calendars, add and remove links, crop and optimize your photos, and post PDF documents or convert them into HTML (i.e., Web pages). We post weekly advertisements to online classifieds sites, upload periodial newsletters, and replace expired documents. We also offer reliable hosting for your site, and other general Webmaster services.

Another handy service is our "Website 911". Maybe you dabbled in HTML, and were able to create a Website, or maybe a friend helped get you online; but now you have a Website that doesn't look or function the way you desire. Let us get your site up and running! Remember, your Website should be indistinguishable from your corporate identity... let us help you make your site into something you're proud of.

Website Hosting

Your customers are on the Web at all hours of the day. Your website needs to be available all the time. PagePoint provides fast and reliable website hosting on state-of-the-art webservers we manage remotely. We don't advertise our hosting services; they are primarily offered to our existing business customers, and clients referred to us by those customers.

If you are interested, please review our hosting plans for 2018.